Apr 152013

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SEGA appears to have another game project in the works, as a new teaser site has been opened up. Other than for the site url (http://miku.sega.jp/mmr/), the only other info we have for now is the opening date for the website: April 18th.

The teaser page can be found here. And according to SEGA’s twitter post, there will also be an update in the weekly Famitsu magazine. Anyone care to take a guess at what it could be, and what “mmr” could possibly stand for?

Via VO.net and Hatsune Miku Miku blog.

[Updated 4/16/2013] I previously guessed it was a second Project Mirai game for the 3DS, and it looks like the Weekly Famitsu has confirmed this (via TaleTaleSource).

初音ミクProject mirai2(仮題) (Working Title)
発売日/2013年秋発売予定 (Fall 2013 Release)
機種/3DS (System)

リズムゲームは全曲タッチモードとボタンモードがある。収録曲は全てフルサイズで収録される。(The game will be playable in both touch screen and button press modes. All songs used will be full-length)

収録曲 (Music Tracks)
子猫のパヤパヤ(ワンカップP) (“Koneko no Paya Paya” by OneCup-P)
ドレミファロンド(40mP) (“Do Re Mi Fa Rondo” by 40mP)
ゆめゆめ(DECO*27) (“Yume Yume” by Deco*27)

Images by Japan Otaku Channel.


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