Apr 152014

This surprise tweet by Lady Gaga is sure to spark quite a bit of craze among Vocaloid fans. According to the tweet, Hatsune Miku will be the opening act for Gaga’s nation-wide art rave tour, titled “The ARTPOP Ball”, from May 6th until June 3rd. According to the announced date range, Hatsune Miku will be opening for 16 shows during the tour in locations spanning the U.S. and Canada.

ARTPOP Ball Website: http://www.ladygaga.com/artrave-the-artpop-ball

Announced Locations for Hatsune Miku’s opening performance:

■ Atlanta, GA – Philips Arena (6-May-14)
■ Pittsburgh, PA – Consol Energy Center (8-May-14)
■ Uncasville, CT – Mohegan Sun (10-May-14)
■ Washington DC – Wells Fargo Center (12-May-14)
■ New York, NY – Madison Square Garden (13-May-14)
■ Philadelphia, PA – Verizon Center (15-May-14)
■ Detroit, MI – Joe Louis Arena (17-May-14)
■ Cleveland, OH – Quicken Loans Arena (18-May-14)
■ St. Paul, MN – XCEL Energy Center (20-May-14)
■ Winnipeg, MB – MTS Centre (22-May-14)
■ Calgary, AB – Scotiabank Saddledome (25-May-14)
■ Edmonton, AB – Rexall Place (26-May-14)
■ Seattle, WA – Key Arena (28-May-14)
■ Vancouver, BC – Rogers Arena (30-May-14)
■ San Diego, CA – Viejas Arena (2-Jun-14)
■ San Jose, CA – SAP Center at San Jose (3-Jun-14)

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  • how come no one every comes to Houston, TX with this awesome shit? =-=

  • Cosmoman

    WOW!! This is HUGE!! Finally Miku has her chance to SHINE BRIGHTLY in US!! Now, we need a TRULY COMPETENT organizer and The BEST 3D MODULE for Miku to shine. Someone please Kick MAGES’S ASS and STASH them in an Old Warehouse somewhere at the edge of the world, then call SEGA and Project Diva team to do the job!!

  • Joey Acero

    Yeah, that makes no sense why they don’t bring Miku to Houston, TX. Georgia and Pennsylvania, like are you serious?

  • C.D

    No.. i really don’t like this. i live in the UK but i really despise how vocaloid is being marketed in western culture… it just doesnt feel right… people should be making songs using vocaloid and those songs getting popular/famous. not just chucking a cute green haired poster girl all over the place who doesn’t even sound as good as 80% of the other vocaloids. its like promoting an image and not the hard working producers.
    if western fans like vocaloid they should just accept its an eastern thing and stop trying to turn it into some crazy cult…

  • Mikonamous

    Wow, didn’t figure Lady Gaga even knew who Miku is. Im not actually a fan of of Gaga, but I give her mad props for the love she is giving to Miku!!! Will be interesting to see how this plays out. Thanks Gaga!

  • Does anyone know if this is the real thing.. or just going to be some image projected onto a piece of fabric….

  • yume

    im like crying i want to see the vocaloids so bad forget the lady gaga part

  • Frey


    Are you joking? You sound like a Vocaloid hater not a fan. Anyone who is a true fan wouldn’t dis a vocaloid just cause they don’t like her, they’d keep their opinion to themselves and let others enjoy their favorite vocaloids (I mean i dislike Meiko but i don’t go around saying she sux or doesn’t sound as good as blahblahblah). Also What is wrong with giving a face to a voice? It’s not like someone like..hmm…evanesence, Snoop Dogg, or Avril Lavigne got their popularity from people hot so why do you have to assume Miku does and having an image for her voice is stupid? And the producers actually get all kinds of publicity from these concerts. Their songs are being sang on stages worldwide, something that wouldn’t happen with music produced the way vocaloid is, because its a software it wouldn’t take over the world as easy as a real singer. But give that voice a face, give it the power to be seen and heard all over, and look at the publicity! Hell one of the my favorite producers, MitchieM, i just heard some of her stuff (Freely Tomorrow), at a small fanmade concert at Evillecon ’14! That wouldn’t happen without someone to sing it. MitchieM’s stuff would probably be as scarce as indy music is without Miku there to take it across the land and sea to sing it. So think twice about what yer saying. This isnt a concert JUST for Miku, its a concert for the best producers, and even some new ones that have gotten a following, to let their songs be heard amongst millions of people.

    Onto the actual content, Lady Gaga likes Miku….I am..Shocked!

  • Cosmoman

    @C.D: Miku doesn’t sound as good as 80% of the Vocaloid?? Are you kidding me? I would say that 70% of GREAT AND MOST POPULAR VOCALOID songs (even the Top Chart-Selling Albums) are sung by Miku!! You not liking her high-pitched voice doesn’t mean you can judge her voice to be BAD (-_-)#

  • HOW THE HELL CAN THIS BE A GOOD THING.frey has a point and get ready to be annoyed by spoiled little kids considering now the whole u.s will know who miku is.honestly if things keep going this way i may just stop hearing vocaloid.i was getting ready to see people raging about this but i guess people are too blind youl see what i mean after this happens.

  • @asdf: Or you could simply be mature and choose to ignore it. And, you know, continue listening to the stuff you already do. I do the exact same thing in regards to English Miku. Don’t like it? Don’t pay attention to it.

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  • TheSpirit

    The Americanization/commercialization of Miku. It has to happen ’cause the they smell the money. I think it will spoil vocaloid in the end, but I hope that the music and magic continue someway,somehow.

  • @TheSpirit: Miku has been commercialized since the day she was born. Her image was created to help a product sell. And trust me when I say that Gaga isn’t really making money from this. And by the off-chance she does, it would be a toss in the bucket compared to what the rest of the events would generate.

  • DS23

    Haha why are people mad over this? Oh no in roads are being made in the States and a potential path is being paved for a proper headlining tour, how awful.

  • DS23

    Oh, and it’ll be interesting to see what sort of set list they have for the western/Gaga’s audience. A greatest hits pile is kind of hinted at due to an old Supercell tune being linked in her tweet. Or it may be like the show LA got a few years ago which was just a truncated version of the previous performance in Japan.

  • Kurumi Tokisaki


  • Kurumi Tokisaki

    I mean c’mon.. Do you know how many vocaloid fans live in ONE OF THE BIGGEST CITIES IN THE STATES?!

    just pointless man.

  • Katy

    @ Frey ;-; i love Meiko and I wish she came to Houston Im not a Gaga fan very much but Ill only go to the concert to see Miku open up ^^

  • Mikonamous

    There will always be some people no matter what who find reasons to get mad. In my opinion its usually those who think they have some kind of grand perspective but actually have a limited and young mentality. Bottom line, more exposure creates incentives for Crypton, Sega and individual song writers and producers who gain always valuable exposure which is extremely important in this industry. Here’s hoping that those involved in producing the Gaga shows dont half bake them and do it right. Which for one means doing the full live band thing. This is a great opportunity for Vocaloid exposure, don’t squander the opportunity Crypton/Sega. Also would be interesting to know if Gaga approached Crypton/Sega or was it the other way around.

  • yeah il just take your advice and ignore it 🙂

  • TheSpirit

    @jrharbort You do not get what I am saying at all. When the accounts get through with Miku they will have drained all fun and creativity from this once wonderful outlet for amazing talent that we have seen. Like the Beatles, Miku is an event that will only occur (in pristine form anyway) once in a generation. I refer to the Americanization as a symbol of what is another step down the slippery slope. I hope this helps you understand my comment. In the end (no pun intended) it doesn’t matter at all, just enjoy! I will always love the whole Miku thing…it is the ultimate cloud.
    @Mikonamous – Wow, you really don’t get it, or don’t care. Are you an accountant? It is the promoters that book this, not GaGa and it is all about the money. Enjoy the show, but be be aware that they is always a price to be paid… BTW, I’m not mad about anything, I’m was jus’ making an observation. Jeez.

  • Mikonamous

    @TheSpirit – Funny, cause I would make the same comment about you that you just dont get it or care more about your own ideal of what Miku should be. As JrHarbort pointed out, Crypton/Sega created Miku and vocaloid for the purpose of promoting products and guess what, making money. So commercialization of Miku is not a “Western” thing, isnt “new” and hasn’t ruined Miku so far. There are many “Eastern” artists who clearly do like the exposure Miku has given them as they create and sell albums of their work, for guess what, potential financial gain. Also, my comment was simply who approached who, if you want get technical, yes promoters book this, but my question was simply whose promoters approached whom. Im not an accountant, just a realist whose been around the music industry and understands that artists who want to make a career our of music need to make money to support themselves, simple fact of life. My main point in my earlier post was that more exposure is a good thing and most artists Im willing to bet you would agree with that. Not trying to pick a fight or anything, I like to consider things like this a healthy conversation.

  • Mikonamous

    @TheSpirit – Reading my own post I think its a bit too rambling so let me sum it up. My interpretation of what you are saying is that money and exposure will somehow be a deterrence to the massive collective creative output that has helped to make Miku great. I believe that people like money and exposure and that this will actually benefit vocaloid and enhance the collective creative scene. Either way, as you said, as Miku/Vocaloid fans lets just enjoy Miku and hope for many many years of enjoyment! 🙂

  • Iluvvocaloid


  • Ken

    Miku is NOT appearing at all of the announced locations? Double check Ticketmaster to be sure.

  • @Ken: Only at the ones listed above.

  • Ken

    Miku is missing in at least 4 of those in the
    ticketmaster descriptions. Only Lady Starlight
    is shown as the opening act. Hey?

  • @Ken: Well, make sure you tell that to Crypton, since I’m going off of their official info: http://piapro.net/ladygaga_tourdates.html

  • Ken

    I will report it to Crypton. The same shared info can still be found on the official Lady Gaga site. It seems that somebody at Gaga’s PR had messed up. Thanks!

  • Aww I’m going on July 7 I always wanted to see miku perform live atleast I’m going to see lady gaga tho 🙂

  • Valenithe

    Oh look. Miku is now one of Lady Gaga’s “look at me liking things that most people don’t know about”. Just another way for her to look “out of the ordinary”. I disapprove of this. Its not that I don’t like Miku becoming a Superstar in the US. But I don’t agree with this particular kind of recognision. Miku will just be “one of those weird things Gaga is into”.

  • Monochrome-Aki

    FUCKIN AMERICAN BASTARDS!!! WHY?! why do you get miku?? why cant she ever do a tour to australia?!?!?! come on!! it isnt fair! why should we have to make our own concerts of vocaloid JUST TOSEE THEM PERFORM!?! i want to see a professional concert! right her in S.A Australia! NO SYDNEY OR MELBOURNE IT NEED TO BE WHERE I LIVE IN MUTHA FUUUU S.A!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    now that im done raging i will get strait to the point, you gaiz are lucky you even have miku coming to your country 🙁 be greatful, even if lady ga ga is the main performer AT LEAST YOU GET TO SEE HER!!

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