Apr 182014

The Piapro x Good Smile Company collaboration for the 2015 Snow Miku outfit design has begun, and Miku’s pet rabbit Yukine is also returning next year with a new outfit. International submissions are accepted for this collab!
The collaboration requires that the theme represent Hokkaido in winter time, specifically elements of foliage like lotus cups, lavender, white birch trees, saxifrage, and other winter plant life from the Hokkaido region to be incorporated into the design.

Collaboration entries are separated into two categories: Category A for Miku’s outfit, and Category B for Yukine’s outfit. A template has been provided for both the Snow Miku and Yukine characters, but they are not required for the submission to be valid.
The submissions are to be through the Piapro website, and instructions for the submission process are as follows:

  • Before submitting a design, click on the Edit Tags button 「編集」
  • Copy and Paste (do not type) the tag 2015年雪ミク衣装 into the space if applying for the Snow Miku outfit, or 2015年ユキネ衣装 if applying for the Yukine rabbit outfit
  • click 「ロックする」 to lock the tag, adding it to your submission
  • Confirm that the Lock Icon is on the left-hand side of your tags, and submit.

If followed correctly, the submission will appear with the other submissions found here for the Snow Miku outfit, and here for Yukine’s outfit.
Collaboration entries will end on May 7th at 5:00 PM JST. Good luck!

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