Lawrence Elsa

Aug 302014

An extended version of Mitchie M’s song featured in Rohto’s Digi-Eye AR app has been released on YouTube and Niconico with a complete song and 3DPV.

The YouTube upload of Hatsune Miku’s up-beat love ballad features full English subtitles on the Youtube upload. The video was directed by llcheesell, and the dance choreography was provided by Malo chan (Tatsuro Ogata). The model is the same one used in the AR app, and was modeled by Kasoku Satō (KSK), who also made the model of Miku for the Happy Birthday song in 2012.
Rohto Digi-Eye was exhibited at Magical Mirai in Osaka as well.

Aug 072014

sapporo film banner
Sapporo International Short Film Festival and Market is holding a video contest for Vocaloid Music videos with the support of Crypton Future Media. The history of this festival starts as the CGM Award, but was renamed to UGC (User Generated Contents) Award in the 9th SAPPORO Short Fest to celebrate Hatsune Miku’s 5th anniversary, and since then has screened various promotional videos from a wide range of artists and producers.
All the submitted videos and films are previewed by the selection committee, and some works will be chosen for an official UGC Award of SAPPORO Short Fest 2014. Those videos and films will be screened at their main theater, and will give a grand prize for the UGC Grand Prix and two winners of UGC awards.
[Submission Regulations]

  • The singing synthesizer software has to be used in the work.
  • The images have to be original works.
  • Copyright has to be clear with illustration and music.
  • The length of the video or film has to be within 30 minutes.
  • The video or film is published on the website.
  • Resolution of the video must be more than 1024 x 768 pixels.
  • A director or a group of directors can submit only one video or film.

Last year’s winners
Submissions are open from July 18, to August 31, 2014 15:00 JST and can be submitted here (instructions in both Japanese and English).

Jun 222014

If you would like your Hatsune Miku artwork featured on the most popular search engine website in Japan, Piapro is collaborated with Yahoo! Japan to create a new Hatsune Miku theme for their mobile search app. The collaboration seeks artwork to be used as a skin for the Yahoo! Japan smartphone app, and will be made available in late August.

Rules for applying are as follows:

  • Character in theme must be Hatsune Miku.
  • Any number of submissions can be made per person.
  • Submit design in .jpg format, but keep the .psd file if selected as the winner.
  • A template and varisous assets are provided for use, but the template must not be changed in size.
  • Edit the copyright watermark to replace “000” with your own artist name.
  • The Hatsune Miku logo from the .zip file must be placed anywhere in the footer illustration of the artwork.
  • All artwork must be within the Creative Commons for Hatsune Miku and no other copyrighted images may be used.

Submit your entries to the the Piapro website, and instructions for the submission process are as follows:

  • Before submitting a design, click on the Edit Tags button 「編集」.
  • Copy and Paste (do not type) the tag 2014yahoo into the space for tag entry.
  • Click 「ロックする」 to lock the tag, adding it to your submission.
  • Check to see if the submission follows all guidelines, and browse other submissions for reference.
  • Confirm that the Lock Icon is on the left-hand side of your tags, and submit.

Entries will be accepted until July 14th at 17:00 JST. Good luck!

May 142014

In a last minute decision thanks to Good Smile Racing’s first place win at the second Super GT race, the reservation deadline for the 2014 Racing Miku nendoroid sponsorship courses has been extended.

Nendoroid sponsorships will now remain open until May 19th at 11:59 PM JST. And thanks to GSR’s second first place win, Good Smile Company will include two trophies with all nendoroid orders. If their team wins first place again at the upcoming Autopolis race, they will include a 3rd trophy for that win as well.

All 4 nendoroid courses have been re-opened, and are still scheduled to ship in October. Check our previous article for more information on the courses, or check the official sponsorship product page.

May 062014

For the first time since 2011, Hatsune Miku has once again performed in the United States; this time, as the opening act for Lady Gaga’s Artpop Ball in Atlanta, Georgia.

Photos via gaga99101kesha on twitter.

The 3D model resembles Model 14 from Bump of Chicken’s Ray, and animations used for the songs were fairly high quality. Unlike previous concerts, there was no live band with Miku, but there where two back-up dancers on stage with her. With each of the 6 songs and time between them, the opening lasted approximately 25 minutes.

Hatsune Miku performing “Story Rider” during her opening act.[youtube:]

Each of the songs had a unique remix for the concert, as well as a new animation for it. The songs played are as follows:

There are still 15 concerts left, and tickets are still available for many of them.
More information will be posted as it is received.
via Vocaloid Reddit, Lady Gaga official Facebook