May 042014

In an amazing final turnaround, the Good Smile Racing Team won 1st place for a second race in a row on the Fuji Speedway, thanks to their drivers: Nobuteru Tanaguchi and Tatsuya Kataoka.
During the final few laps of the race, the MUGEN CR-Z Honda, Driven by Yuhki Nakayama, lost control. This gave an opening for a pass, allowing the lead to be taken by the GSR Hatsune Miku BMW, which was a great symbol of hope to fans as MUGEN had won the year before.
With only 5 laps remaining, the Gainer SLS, Driven by Katsuyuki Hiranaka, caught up to the Hatsune Miku BMW, making the last 5 laps a close battle. The Gainer SLS stayed close behind the Hatsune Miku BMW, but Tatsuya Kataoka was able to keep the lead the whole time!
This victory secures the teams place as #1 on the leader board, and gives them a huge advantage by making a large difference in points between first and second place on the leader board.

Photos from the race.

The next race will take place on May 31st, on the Autopolis track in Kyushu, Kumamoto. Be sure to cheer on Miku and support fans with hash tag #FightGSR.

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