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May 042014

In an amazing final turnaround, the Good Smile Racing Team won 1st place for a second race in a row on the Fuji Speedway, thanks to their drivers: Nobuteru Tanaguchi and Tatsuya Kataoka.
During the final few laps of the race, the MUGEN CR-Z Honda, Driven by Yuhki Nakayama, lost control. This gave an opening for a pass, allowing the lead to be taken by the GSR Hatsune Miku BMW, which was a great symbol of hope to fans as MUGEN had won the year before.
With only 5 laps remaining, the Gainer SLS, Driven by Katsuyuki Hiranaka, caught up to the Hatsune Miku BMW, making the last 5 laps a close battle. The Gainer SLS stayed close behind the Hatsune Miku BMW, but Tatsuya Kataoka was able to keep the lead the whole time!
This victory secures the teams place as #1 on the leader board, and gives them a huge advantage by making a large difference in points between first and second place on the leader board.

Photos from the race.

The next race will take place on May 31st, on the Autopolis track in Kyushu, Kumamoto. Be sure to cheer on Miku and support fans with hash tag #FightGSR.

Apr 182014

The Piapro x Good Smile Company collaboration for the 2015 Snow Miku outfit design has begun, and Miku’s pet rabbit Yukine is also returning next year with a new outfit. International submissions are accepted for this collab!
The collaboration requires that the theme represent Hokkaido in winter time, specifically elements of foliage like lotus cups, lavender, white birch trees, saxifrage, and other winter plant life from the Hokkaido region to be incorporated into the design.

Collaboration entries are separated into two categories: Category A for Miku’s outfit, and Category B for Yukine’s outfit. A template has been provided for both the Snow Miku and Yukine characters, but they are not required for the submission to be valid.
The submissions are to be through the Piapro website, and instructions for the submission process are as follows:

  • Before submitting a design, click on the Edit Tags button 「編集」
  • Copy and Paste (do not type) the tag 2015年雪ミク衣装 into the space if applying for the Snow Miku outfit, or 2015年ユキネ衣装 if applying for the Yukine rabbit outfit
  • click 「ロックする」 to lock the tag, adding it to your submission
  • Confirm that the Lock Icon is on the left-hand side of your tags, and submit.

If followed correctly, the submission will appear with the other submissions found here for the Snow Miku outfit, and here for Yukine’s outfit.
Collaboration entries will end on May 7th at 5:00 PM JST. Good luck!

Mar 132014

J-rock band BUMP OF CHICKEN has released their newest song, 「ray」 featuring Hatsune Miku, which is officially the first music video to record live band members while Hatusne Miku performs at the same time.

Crypton Future Media teamed up with the band to help their dream become a reality, bringing with them the knowledge of past concerts and Isao Tomita’s rendition of Ihatov Symphony. Toy’s Factory joined the team alongside famous producer Kz(livetune) to create the new 3D model of Miku, named “14 Model”, as well as produce the vocal track for the song.
The process of creating the music video was filled with new technical challenges and innovative ideas that broke new grounds in the world of Vocaloid and digital media alike. Hatsune Miku was set to dance on a uniquely designed cylindrical screen with an array of light-filtering screens and wireless transmitting sensors. The unique stage allowed automatic adjustments of the model’s position horizontally and vertically in real time, granting the film crew the ability to view Miku from several different angles while maintaining the focus on Miku.
A special CD + DVD package can be purchased for $28.34 or $31.06 for the limited edition version through Amazon Japan.
The song can also be purchased through iTunes for $2.43 through the Japanese store, but requires a Japanese account.
via BUMP OF CHICKEN, Toy’s factory, Piapro blog

Mar 022014

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Family Mart is at it again with their newest round of Miku goods and promotions! The campaign started on February 25th and will last until March 24th, selling several goods as well as a raffle for a keyboard.
The special prizes are:

  • A Hatsune Miku themed electronic keyboard by KORG (5 winners possible)
  • A Wii U with Karaoke expansion (15 winners possible)
  • A copy of Meiko Vocaloid 3 (10 prizes)
  • One of 5 badges of the Character-Series Vocaloids illustrated by CHAN×CO (200 winners available)
  • A limited edition 1,000 JPY gift card to Family Mart(390 winners available)

Another event is the Vocaloid-themed foods on sale at local Family Mart stores.

  • Racing Miku chocolate bars with 4 varying wrappers(128 JPY each)
  • Hachune Miku tin with chocolate covered peanut balls  (480 JPY)
  • Cococigarette P-themed candy cigarettes in chocolate, soda, and orange flavors (158 JPY each)
  • XenonP Marukunaru-themed bubblegum packets in 6 varying flavors (63 JPY each)
  • Kagamine Rin Melancholic lemon soda (147 JPY)
  • Kaito’s curry sprinkles (134 JPY)
  • Rin and Len Plus Minus Look chocolates (120 JPY each)
  • Hatsune Miku white peach and chocolate jello cups (398 JPY each)

Lastly, there was a press conference to reveal just how much more merchandise can be purchased at Family Mart.

Entering the raffle requires a valid Japan shipping address (friends in Japan can help out with this). Then you simply have to purchase 500 Yen of participating merchandise. A 14 digit entry code will be printed on your receipt at checkout. Codes are limited to one per checkout, regardless of how much over 500 Yen you purchase.

Send an email with a blank title and message to the address on the receipt, which will then reply with a link to a website to apply for the raffle. AOL email addresses will not be accepted. Type in your 14 digit code on the application page, your home address (Japanese addresses only) and select the prize you want to apply for. Codes must be redeemed before March 25th, and prizes will be sent out in May.

Jan 242014

The “Karaoka Uta Ya” karaoke in Sapporo, Japan has adopted a Snow Miku theme for visitors to enjoy. The karaoke has set up decorations, unique foods, and merchandise that will last until the 31st of March.

The special foods that can be ordered to the room are as follows:



  • Yuki Miku * Maple Pancakes – 565 JPY
  • Yuki Miku * Parfait – 585 JPY
  •  Miku ♪ Fries – 585 JPY


  • Yuki Miku * Hot Milk – 498 JPY
  • Yuki Miku * Frozen Yoghurt – 498 JPY

All drink orders come with one of four collectible cards that will be given randomly. From 6:00pm to closing time, exclusive merchandise will be on sale, such as key chains, stickers, and Post Cards.

Z20140123_01 alternate

Via Piapro Blog and Snow Miku Festival Official Webpage