Aug 032014

The Digi-Eye augmented reality application that was mentioned in our previous article has been activated, and viewers can now enjoy a “live” performance of Hatsune Miku dancing and singing to a new song composed by Mitchie M.

The application is available globally for iOS, but the Android version is unfortunately region locked to Japan (Sorry Android users!). However, I think the lock was a mistake, and I’m looking into it. I will edit this post with an update if it is changed.

iOS (Global):
Android (Japan-only):

The application also requires the Digi-Eye product box to work as the stage for the live performance. Can’t buy it? You’re in luck! Rohto has made a printable version of the box available online for those unable to purchase Digi-Eye.

-> Printable Box Download <-

Below are a few snapshots of the application in action.

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