Mar 152008

It recently came to my attention that MikuMikuDance, the program used to make most 3D Hatsune Miku PVs is now also available with a completely translated English interface.

English language subtitled instruction videos are also available.

Head over to the download page here.

Via  ミクミク

EDIT 11/16/2012: The original developer of MMD ceased support for the software in 2011. The program still works and is widely used by many fans. However, a new alternative is available by the name of MikuMikuMoving. More info here: [Link]

EDIT 6/3/2013: MikuMikuDance was updated by its creator to version 7.39m. More info here: [Link]

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  • Lexxi

    @jrharbort mkay its solved now THANK YOUUU~

  • Lovely

    my mmd models that i downloaded are lagging alot

    even the ones that came with the actual mmd program i downloaded are lagging D:


  • @Lovely: MMD and MMM need a decently powerful machine to run properly. Integrated graphics are not recmmended.

  • zcence / new guy

    i have vista 32 bit and it works fine unless their is to much going on. This is just epic and free

  • bre

    i wanna download it

  • CHEp

    when will there be a mac version of mmd??
    want it so badly~

  • @CHEp: Considering the application is made using the DirectX API… Likely never. Silly MAC, Miku is for PC.

  • OtakuGamerGirl

    Someone please help!!! When I try to open it, a pop-up appears that says “The application has failed to start because it’s side-by-side configuration is incorrect.” I’m using Windows 8. Please help me 🙁

  • @OtakuGamerGirl: Tried using MikuMikuMoving?

  • Bitch Hooker

    Will the program lag if you open another program while it’s downloading?

  • Ken

    @DANNI see the decription and look for download page here then click it

  • Geje

    any site to download for other models?

  • JEFFt

    I im sad to say that im seeing a lot of negative comments about the mmd link or whatever it is.

  • @JEFFt: I honestly don’t know why, everything is working just fine.

  • Talia

    How do i download this???

  • @Talia: Visit the page in the article, then download the one that says for “DirectX9”.

  • I’m having trouble opening the recent version of MMD on windows XP.

    It give me error message:

    “This application has failed to start because the application configuration is incorrect. Reinstalling the application nay fix this problem”

    I’ve look over everywhere on the internet and the solution for all it to install Microsft DIRECTX9, Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable Package (x86), and Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 SP1 Redistributable Package (x86, which I’ve done already but no effect, I’ve tried redownloading this many times, installing d3dx9_32.dll, running the win2000 in the data folder, but no avail.

    Please help! D:

  • @Survivor1505: Three possible things: Your graphics drivers may not be properly installed, you may need to install visual c++ 2008, or your DX9 is not properly updated. Doing some of these steps may be extremely difficult for you, because Microsoft just ended support for XP last month. Meaning no more software or security updates. This can also leave your system extremely vulnerable to harmful exploits. If you’re still running XP in 2014, it’s time you considered upgrading…

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  • Eri has a nice amount of them, so does 🙂

  • Ella Cookson


  • princess.miku


  • mi mi nam

    ok so is mukimukidance the one that i can have more than one “muki”

  • Jane The Killer Lover

    Does it have viruses? ‘Cause if it does I am not downloading it…

  • Tyler

    Miku, I need You, I Well always belive in You, And Your Sisters

  • warzone232

    If anyone wants a place to watch or upload mmd videos without restrictions head on over to its a small place but with more users it could be an amazing place

  • Nicole Yip

    is there a version for mac os x yosemite?

  • Ashlynn

    AMAZING! just… wow!

  • Loli

    Um does this work on laptop? Or should I use it on PC?

  • HarmonyChan

    I had it on my old windows 7 and i got no virusues! 😀

  • HarmonyChan

    Its free

  • Akira Arashi

    no virus?
    doesn’t slow down laptop?

  • HarmonyChan

    no, i had it on my desktop and it didn;t slow down, but with a bad processor it can run kinda slowly.

  • Bianca Prado

    its free the aappp

  • VocaloidYumiFanloid

    IS it possible to change Miku’s design and make your own Vocaloid?

  • Dj_The_Wolf


  • aaron mesquita


  • paska kasa

    i cant ownload this or some thing

  • veronica

    mmd isn’t working on my laptop

  • dontbesad MSP

    i dont know how to download it please some1 help me

  • Kathy

    Where is the download part?

  • Alexander Sutherland

    Hello, I would like to know good tips on using the MMD editor. Thank you.

  • Nιgнтcore Melody Aмvѕ

    omg ima try downloading it. ill get back saying if it has a virus or not 😀 i hope i dont or ima kill my self

  • Nιgнтcore Melody Aмvѕ

    i hope it dosent have a virus or ima die before my mom kills meh ^-^

  • Nιgнтcore Melody Aмvѕ

    it dosent have a virus omg yay! 😀 i have a youtube account and i have frineds making videos of mmd i had to download it i got it 😀 im so happy omg ^-^

  • Aleah Porras

    How do you get it?

  • Alexander Sutherland

    Go LearnMMD or MikuMikuDance website. Your found the MMD Editor.

  • Anthony

    Available on Mac?

  • Emma

    Um…I downloaded it, but after I shut down my computer for a while, then turned it back on, it wouldn’t start, so I downloaded the program again, but it still won’t open…help?

  • SummerPlays

    How do I get it?