Jan 062009

cv03After almost two months of silence Crypton has released the last bits of info about the upcoming 3rd character to the Vocaloid series. CV03: Megurine Luka will be released on 30th January 2009. It is already available for preorder at the Crypton online shop at 15750 Yen (~168 USD).

Her voice will be sampled by the seiyuu Asakawa Yuu. VC03 is supposed to support both English and Japanese. As of now its unknown if both English and Japanese will be featured in the same package or if they will be released seperately.

For the full character illustration art by KEI and her full profile check out the official Crypton Megurine Luka page.

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  • The fact that she has pink hair, looks mature, has Asakawa Yuu’s voice (low, husky and smexy) and can sing in English and Japanese is a huge hit for me. Wait I mentioned more than one hit, damn.

    I called dibs on Megurine Luka!

  • Leslie

    I don’t really like her. Her outfit looks too hooker and revealing and complicated compared to the other VOCALOIDs, and it looks so…MMORPG. Her voice is just way too low (reminds me of Kaito’s note range ~_~) and just…eew. *shudders*
    She seems like a poser to me. u_U

  • Tsukuyomi

    I adore Luka. I had been checking Crypton’s website very often, until they released her on Tuesday.
    But in the demo songs, she sort of sounds like Len ^^;
    But perhaps different usage means differend sounding… I can’t wait to hear more of her songs!

  • Uminori

    I think her voice is beautiful; It’s gentle and alluring. As for her character design Kei has done an outstanding job. She has a level of sophistication the other Vocaloid characters seem to lack (With all due respect to Miku-chan, who is amazing in her own right).

  • Kitty7779

    i`m 7

  • Kitty7779

    I am a girl and i don`t like the s word and porn.

  • Sasahara

    A completely different experience from Miku. I really like that character design from Kei (superb work as usual) but her voice really isn’t what I was looking for. I still prefer Miku’s high pitched singing to Luka’s more down to Earth pitch/tone.

  • ProjectMiku

    Aside from the the outfit, i like Crypton`s new creation or should i say Kei`s.
    She looks like Sunrise`s CC.

  • Danny

    well, she look mature. i don’t how to say…

  • Snow_Puppy

    I just found about the series and I was wondering…if this a video game or an anime with episodes or what? i really want to read/watch the series or something and was wondering what it is?! please respond! many thanks!

  • Chrissy

    i love her voice! she sounds a little bit like len to me…

  • I love her songs.I don’t care if she sings in a low voice because she has style.If I were an anime I would like to be miku no matter what.

  • I have to say her outfit is wonderful. It’s a very nice change to the sailor fuku BS that’s everywhere.
    (Then again ain I do love me some sailor fuku outfits because there pretty :> haha)
    It’s a breath of fresh hair she sound slovely singing with Gakupo and/or Miku.
    Her outfit is extremely easy to make compared to the others.

  • miku
  • yooooo >_< thats a awsome cartoon 世界に広がる仮想歌姫「初音ミク」 新進クリエーターに迫る!!

  • archer2

    Please continue uploading songs on YouTube.

  • Mikus better!!! XO

  • hale hamasaki

    to answer snow puppies question Vocaloid is a computer softwere that produces music when worked with correctly so its not an anime or a manga alough there are alot of fans who posted there owne manga of vocaloid of Magafox.com or spectrumnexus.com if you wish to read you may need to sort through porn to get to it though ;;;>>

  • Great I love luka @_@
    I have never use the software of vocaloid but many people said that is good.

  • Candypop13
  • 猫鏡音エレン02 NekoLen 02/Pukish Nek

    random comment about 5 years later: I SHIP HER WITH MIKU

  • ★彡 min

    I wish I could delete my 11 yr old self from history