Feb 252019

MikuMikuDance PVs from the video animator Thanks are always a joy to watch, and his newest music video is no exception. This latest work takes a different approach as an action music video, and features Hatsune Miku and Kasane Teto attempting to duke it out for possession of the microphone. I say “attempt”, because other guests drop in to join the battle. You’ll have to watch to find out who emerges victorious!

The music PV features the song “Play My Game feat. Hatsune Miku” by ROBO. Check it out below!

Also available on Nicovideo

Feb 222019

The forth addition to the highly-popular Hatsune Miku 2nd Seasonal prize figure series is here! She comes under the theme of summer festival based on the visual by the artist Wada Arco, best known as the character designer for the Fate series. You can expect her in the arcades by summer this year.

Taito Prize page: https://www.taito.co.jp/prize
Seasonal Series: https://www.taito.co.jp/miku_season

Via Taito Toys on Twitter

Feb 222019

MIKU EXPO 2019 in Taiwan will be getting a club event as a pre-party for its live, a first for Taiwan, titled “HOBBY STOCK Presents: MIKU EXPO Digital Stars 2019“. Event main visual by the artist Tsurushima Tatsumi.

Not much is known about the club event for now, but expect a unique lineup of local acts and special guests for the event. Exclusive Digital Stars 2019 merchandise from HOBBY STOCK featuring illustration by Tsurushima Tatsumi will also be available at the venue. Stay tuned for more details!

MIKU EXPO Digital Stars 2019 → https://mikuexpo.com/twhk2019/
MIKU EXPO 2019 Taiwan & Hong Kong → https://mikuexpo.com/twhk2019/events.html


Feb 202019

The family amusement park Yomiuri Land will be getting an all-new revamp in collaboration with Hatsune Miku and friends starting from February 23rd. Visitors will be seeing popular rides and attractions throughout the park, such as the Kadokeshi Truck, the Spin Runway, and the Sky River, temporarily under Miku-themed decorations and music.

Speaking of amusement park, we can’t leave out the stamp rally! A collaboration stamp rally will also be held with 39 locations across the park, where even small children can participate in a scaled-down rallies. Completion of the rally, regardless of the rally scale, will net badges and stickers for completing a picture of Miku.

The collaboration also extends to sea park attractions, where a new show featuring sea lions will be performed with top Hatsune Miku’s songs. The animals’ trainers will also be wearing matching costumes for the occasion. Other collaboration details include SNOW MIKU LIVE! 2019 screening, special menus, and limited-edition merchandises.

Finally, there’s a new art that’s yet to be shown, and it can only be seen at a Miku mat in the park’s bungee jump. The collaboration will held until March 17th.

Hatsune Miku x Yomiuri Park → http://www.yomiuriland.com/event/miku.html

Via Crunchyroll

Feb 192019

There will soon be the perfect Hatsune Miku accessory for your cup of instant noodles, thanks to FURYU Prize! A prototype was teased today for a Hatsune Miku “noodle stopper figure” that will be released as a prize figure in September 2019, and is designed to help hold your cup of instant noodles closed while you wait for it to cook! You can also simply prop her anywhere for added decoration.

The beautiful artwork for the figure design was drawn by popular illustrator Kuroboshi Kouhaku, and is also the first Hatsune Miku figure designed for this purpose. It will definitely make a great addition to Miku fan collections! Expect more news on this figure later.