Aug 052012

For those of you who have been following Vocaloid electronic music for at least the past couple years, you may be familiar with the artist names “RyuushiP”, “Aerial Flow”, or even “Wahiko”. All of these names belonged to a single producer who was popular for his amazing work with Miku trance music. What you may not know, however, is that this artist retired from composing music back in early 2010, with his last song being used in an album by Tripshots.

It was a sad day in Vocaloid history for me, since I absolutely love electronic Vocaloid music. With Miku herself also being an electronic type instrument, she fits in naturally with these kinds of genres.

Loving Vocalectro music like I do, I obviously upload all kinds of tracks to my youtube channel. On July 31st, I uploaded the Aerial Flow remix of “Electric Angel” to my channel as a tribute to him. Then, two days later, something unexpected happened. He came back.

Filled with excitement, I immediately left messages for him on his nicovideo, piapro, and even his youtube account. Needless to say, I got his attention pretty quickly. I offered to help promote his channel on youtube, and he granted me permission to do so. So I created this PV using his newest song, “Cold Leaf”.

Hopefully those of you who knew this producer are excited as I am to have him return to the Vocaloid community. For those of you who are unfamiliar, I definitely recommend looking into his work. “Cold Leaf” was just the beginning of his return, and he also has plans to release a remake of his classic song “MEMORY” for Miku’s 5th birthday, which is August 31st. So this gives you something to look forward to if you subscribe to his channel.

Where is his channel? Right here:

I just want to say “thank you”, and welcome Aerial Flow back to the community (and you guys should too!). I look forward to seeing what he comes out with in the future! Here’s his original video of Cold Leaf, directly from youtube. A shorter “Radio Edit” version can be found on nicovideo here.

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