Aug 022012

It looks like there will be yet another surprise later this month. There’s already a planned PS Vita and Project Diva F event for August 29th, a day before the game’s official launch. But Sony is also planning a special release of a limited edition Miku themed Walkman. The device will come in two colors, with 3,939 units available of each color.  The price is set at 12,800 JPY per unit. There is also an option of a speaker, which sets the total price at 15,800 JPY for the set.

This means there will be 11,817 units total. 3,939 black, 3,939 green, and 3,939 green with the speaker set. Each unit will be specially engraved with a unique identification number, and each unit will also include a Miku themed strap.

The walkmans will be sold at the event venue in Tokyo, at the same place as the aforementioned Vita x PjD event (Yokohama Bay area). You can view the site with additional images and information here (it’s in Japanese).

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