Mar 092012

A spectacular finish. Image via Hatsune Miku’s facebook page.

Those of you who managed to watch the recent concerts, in person or via livestreaming, I sure hope you enjoyed the show! The two day event had a lot major firsts for viewers, including the first ever concert appearances by Kaito and Meiko! If you missed it, you can still use your ticket to watch the stream at anytime until March 15th.

Are you curious to know what songs were played? Mikubook just posted the entire music set list for both days of the concert. A whopping 63 songs total! That will certainly keep you occupied for a while! You can watch them all by clicking here, or clicking this image:

Also, thanks to a mention by SeyrenLK, he helped clear up a few small misconceptions with the last concert being the “final” concert. The word “final” was simply used to indicate it was the “final” performance of the Miku Day event. There will be more performances in the future, don’t worry!

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