Mar 062012

My, my. What a surprise! It looks like Tokiko, the owner of one of our new partner sites, has sent a small gift my way. The package contained goods that were sold at FamilyMart during the Snow Miku 2012 festival in Sapporo. Of course, me not getting a chance to go, this was a real treat. I wonder what I got? Lets have a look!

Note: Click the images to see the larger version.

Something new! Quick, attack it!

Check the full story for more pics!

Oh, it’s for me!


This is a lot of stuff! o_O


The contents were made up of several post cards, folders, and a calendar. All of the items feature art from Piapro.

Here’s the 5 post cards contained within one package.


And here’s the 5 folders contained in the other pack.

Wow, that’s a lot of stuff! I’m not even sure I’ll find a use for all of it! So I might end up using some these as a prize during my visit to Anime Expo 2012.  What am I talking about, exactly? You’ll find out later! Thanks again to Tokiko for the awesome gift!

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