Jun 272019

Illust. by Kurojishi, via chibamonoPR

Chiba City Monorail has announced they will be collaborating with Magical Mirai again this year with another “Miku Flyer” edition vehicle. Following the success of last year’s collaboration, Chiba City Monorail plans to significantly extend the service of this year’s collaboration! The main visual art for this year’s collaboration was drawn by Kurojishi.

Starting July 1st, and until October 31st, 2019, one of the monorail vehicles will be transformed from its usual “URBAN FLYER” spec into the “MIKU FLYER Evo.” specification. The monorail car will be wrapped inside and out in the main visual artwork, along with other piapro characters and the Magical Mirai 2019 logo. The station departure melody will also be changed to a jingle of the Magical Mirai 2019 theme song Bless Your Breath. You can also find life-size character cutouts on display at 4 stations along the monorail route!

Chiba City Monorail will also exhibit goods featuring the main visual art and more at this year’s Magical Mirai 2019 in Chiba. Here’s a list of what will be offered:

1: 5 piece set hard-type memorial monorail admission tickets (1500 pieces x 1000 Yen each)
2: IC Card Pass Case (300 pieces x 1500 Yen each)
3: Clear File 2 Pieces (1500 pieces x 400 Yen each)
4: Acrylic Keychain (500 pieces x 800 Yen each)

Hatsune Miku: Magical Mirai 2019 will take place at Osaka from August 9th~11th, and Tokyo from August 31st ~ September 1st.

Announcement from Chiba City Monorail: https://chiba-monorail.co.jp/index.php/2019hatsune-miku-corabo/
Magical Mirai 2019 Official Site: https://magicalmirai.com/2019/

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