Jun 282019

The latest Hatsune Miku collaboration yet with Washin has brought us a twin pair of full rim & under rim PC glasses in metal frames, with the main visual done by the illustrator Yunkel! Each models is priced at 16,092 yen (tax included), and will soon be available for preoder starting from July 7th at 13:00 JST.

The full rim glasses has its temples specifically crafted in an image of Miku’s boots in mind, and its end pieces are carved with Miku’s signature tie design. The under rim model, on the other hand, is a shift in design to Miku’s sleeves, with its end pieces featuring her sleeves’ mechanical design. As a finishing touch, both models feature the iconic “01” engraving on their right temples.

Preorders from the soon-to-be-available first batch will come with an exclusive packaging, included with a steel can, a glasses cloth, and a glasses storage bag featuring the main visual design by Yunkel! The first batch will also be the only edition that features Miku winking in the design, so don’t miss out!

> HATSUNE MIKU EYEWEAR COLLECTION MIKU-003 (full rim model) via Optus on Rakuten
> HATSUNE MIKU EYEWEAR COLLECTION MIKU-004 (under rim model) via Optus on Rakuten


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