Dec 012012

Remember that winning Snow Miku 2013 design that was announced around 4 months ago? It looks like they’re already busy putting her to work up in Sapporo for the upcoming Snow Miku 2013 event.

According to the Sapporo city website, Piapro blog, and Crypton’s own website, the trams in Sapporo are currently undergoing maintenance to be covered in the new design.

The tram is scheduled to open to the public on December 17th, and is scheduled to operate until March 31st. And much like last year, there is expected to be many exclusive goodies to the event available at various locations. If you have any friends in Northern Japan, another opportunity is coming up to get your hands on some awesome Snow Miku merchandise.

The only hint at the design so far is the pixelated image shown on the Piapro blog. Be sure to check back on the pages for occasional updates.

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