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Within the past 24 hours, the Piapro community sharing site has updated with a new design change that is aimed to create a unified design across Crypton’s sister websites. The new design matches the layout seen on, and is designed to make navigation and accessibility easier for tablet and mobile phone users. It definitely creates a few headaches for PC users, though.

EDIT: Piapro appears to have temporarily reverted back to the old layout.

Piapro had remained virtually unchanged since it first opened up in 2008. It was Crypton’s answer to create a community sharing and collaboration site that would be open to all Vocaloid producers around the world. There you will find downloads of music, art, song lyrics, 3D models and more.

On the topic of Project Diva F for PS3, the official Project Diva youtube channel has released a new teaser video that shows off a preview of the PVs for “Tell Your World” and “Sweet Devil”. The trailer shows the gameplay remains pretty much the same as the Vita version, with the only major difference being that “scratch notes” have been moved to the analog sticks of your PS3 controller.

The trailer promises 38 new songs, with 21 of them listed in the video. You’ll also see a very familiar silhouette for one of the module designs, which appears to be based on the rather popular song called Senbonzakura. They also appear to be bringing back the “concert mode” that was present in the previous Dreamy Theater release.

The rest of the video details the game pricing, trading strap pre-order bonus, as well as the arcade-style controller accessory. As a reminder, the game is set to launch on March 7th, 2013.

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