Dec 042012

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After over a month of work since the original project announcement, it seems that Domino’s Japan has finally finished the creation of not one, but three Vocaloid PVs.

Three documentary videos, or volumes, have been uploaded over the past several weeks that has detailed the plans and creation process of the Vocaloid PVs. They set up three teams of three members each, and each team was responsible for the creation of their own Vocaloid song and PV.

Vol.03 (LATEST)

Now that the project is finished, all three PVs have been uploaded to Nicovideo and YouTube for your enjoyment. Domino’s is looking for feedback from Vocaloid fans, so check them out and be sure to leave comments on YouTube to tell them what you think! Listed below are the three PVs and their descriptions.

Team “Aka-pisu,” composed of 3 staff members – Vocalo-P Ahchan (Yashio shop), Dadie MSP (Torigai shop), Illustrator okp (Ebisu shop), will present a perfect pop tune‚ô™, “Luv4Night,” a sound of guitar mixed with a bit of Japanese flavor, along with “Tsundere” lyrics!

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Team “Konamohn,” composed of 3 staff members in the Kansai area – Vocalo-P m.t. (Asuta Shin-nagata shop), Hideyuki (Toyonaka shop) and Illustrator Oriko (Tenjinbashi shop), has uploaded a Christmas song, “Wish I could deliver my love” which is about not being able to express a secret crush!

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Team “ODA-Q’s” is composed of Vocalo-P THE N.O.B. (Akazutsumi shop), batch (Sobudai shop), Illustrator Saki (Yoyogi-uehara shop). They will deliver a pop number, “Luv Luva Baby,” with a 1980’s-like animation song sound, along with lyrics about a girl’s unrequited love!!

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