Sep 062012

Just a little more than a week after the launch of Project Diva f, SEGA has revealed the release date for Dreamy Theater Extend, as well as additional game details. This is the PS3 addition/counterpart to Project Diva Extend for PSP, and is not related to the release of PjD f. To buy and play this game, you will need a PSP and a copy of Project Diva Extend. The price is set at 3,900 Yen, and will launch on September 13th.

As with the previous Dreamy Theater games, you’re basically getting the same game you have on PSP, but with enhanced graphics and support for stereoscopic 3D. Dreamy Theater Extend, however, has a few additional extras to make your purchase worthwhile.

The first announcement is the addition of importing 6 modules from Project Diva Arcade, bringing the total module list to 160 costumes. These modules in left to right order are Snow Miku 2012, Americana, Sakura Miku, Luka Conflict, Rin Deep Red Fox, and Len Deep Blue Fox.

The last announcement is the inclusion of a new “live” mode. In this mode, you can watch up to two characters dance on a stage to one of 11 tracks, while you have free control of the camera angle. The following tracks for this mode are: “Electric Angel”, “Meltdown”, “StargazeR”, “End of Solitude”, “The Disappearance of Hatsune Miku”, “Time Limit”, “Butterfly on Your Right Shoulder”, “Puzzle”, “Just be Friends”, “SPiCa”, and “Worlds End Dance Hall” (that last one wasn’t in Extend for PSP!).

Watch the official trailer below for previews of the mentioned features, and also be sure to check out the official website and the Project Diva Blog for additional images.

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