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Those of you who were fortunate enough to attend the Vocaloid Conference panel at the New York Comic Con last weekend were shown a real treat. Not only was an early test of Miku’s English voice banks shown, but Kaito as well! The news on development was confirmed back at the Anime Expo 2011 Vocaloid Conference on July 2nd, but it was too early to have any sort of demo available at the time.

For those who didn’t attend the conference at Anime Expo 2011, here’s a quick rundown of what happened. During the conference, Crypton Future Media’s producer of Hatsune Miku, Wataru Sasaki, also known as the “father” of Miku, asked the audience if we were interested in seeing the release of an English Miku. Almost none of us raised our hands, but you honestly can’t blame us. We were simply being cautiously skeptical until we saw any real demos to make a decision.

Well, us as fans can rest assured. This demo not only shows her sounding just as cute as her Japanese voice banks, but actual distinguishable English words! Please read the full story, as this post is a bit large.

Here are the Lyrics to the song played:

Show me something I’ve never seen

Like a river gleaming in the sun

Or the sea and sky kissing on the horizon

When I look out of my window

All I ever see is cloudy grey skies

And when you look into your mirror

How d’you think you’re ever gonna see me

Look into my eyes



And here is Kaito’s demo. Keep in mind his in an earlier stage than Miku’s, so there is still a lot of work to be done:

There is wonder in most everything I see

Not a cloud in the sky

Got the sun in my eyes

And I wont be surprised if it’s a dream


Crypton announced Miku’s English release for Spring 2012. Kaito’s Append release may be around the same date, or later. As for his English version, I’m not too sure if it will be included in the Append or sold seperately.

Information gathered via my visit to AX2011, and vocaloidotaku.net.

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