Nov 162012

At first, I chose not to mention this video since the whole “glasses free” 3D concept is pretty gimmicky and doesn’t work for many people (myself included). But hey, the video is popular and some of you might enjoy it.

The video in question uses the Nanaha HT Racing Miku model (available here) dancing to the song Two-faced Lovers. There’s also various shards of colored glass flying around. This is where things get interesting.

To make the 3D effect work, you must first disable the video text/comments and set the video to full screen. Next you have to close one eye and position yourself roughly an arm’s length away from the screen (estimated for 20″ monitors). However, this can vary depending on the size of your monitor. Move closer if you have a smaller screen, and further away for larger screens. You’ll have to experiment until you think it’s working correctly.

This will ONLY work with the high quality video from nicovideo, not the low quality stream. Free users will have to wait until the server load subsides to enjoy the high quality stream, or have a premium account to enjoy high quality video at any time. Don’t bother with the youtube reprints either: The video needs to be running at 60 frames per second to work correctly, and youtube converts all videos to 30fps.

Click the image below to watch it on nicovideo, since the embedded player does not have a full screen button.


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