Jul 152013

In addition to the previous news announcement, Domino’s Japan has released an all new 3DPV for the start of the Domino’s x Hatsune Miku Summer campaign.

As you probably saw hinted in images of the updated iPhone application, they were including a new augmented reality song titled “Ever Green”. But what I didn’t expect was the release of a full 3DPV from Director Wakamura, a professional animator.

Domino’s has also released a “making of” video, where you can also catch a glimpse of the new pizza box design at the very end (watch it here). They also updated the Miku Domino’s website, where they revealed a nice surprise for the new summer promotion. They have brought back the 34%+5% (39% off) coupon for using the Miku iPhone application to place your order, and it’s usable from July 16th until July 21st, 6X longer than the previous coupon promotion!

Enjoy the 3DPV of Ever Green below. PV credits: Wakamura (animation), Dadie MSP (music), okp (costume design), mako (dance).

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