Jul 142013

Starting on July 16th, Domino’s Japan will be launching their second campaign in collaboration with Hatsune Miku for the Summer season. After the explosive success of the last campaign, it’s no surprise that Domino’s wants to give Miku another go.

For the new campaign, Domino’s has updated the iPhone application to include new design features. Most notable upon first glance is the outfit change for Appearance Miku. Unfortunately, it seems the app is no longer available on the global iTunes store, but this may be temporary. They will also be using all new pizza box designs for the second campaign, but there are no images available at this time.

Images of the updated iPhone app.

In addition, Domino’s has also created a second bike design to be used for deliveries. If I understand correctly, only one of these has been created. So you would be quite fortunate to see this rolling up to deliver your order. The exact location this bike will be used in is currently unknown, but it will appear somewhere in Tokyo according to radiokaikan.

Miku Domino’s website

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