Apr 102015

One of the major topics of interest in the Vocaloid community is concert events. Nearly every fan wishes to attend one at some point, while others simply cannot attend enough of them. During the time gap between official events, or in areas where official concerts may not be seen, you will find that fans will come together to celebrate with their own miniature events.

One such event titled “Yozakura MIKU LIVE Party 2” recently took place at Lake Ijira, Japan on April 4th, and had a gathering of at least 100 Hatsune Miku fans from local and distant areas. The event was arranged by Ijiriko and several others, and included a lunch party, 2 hour fan concert, and an astronomical observation event. The latter event was cancelled due to rain (it’s a running joke in the Japanese Vocaloid community that Hatsune Miku is a rain girl).

Another common practice seen by Hatsune Miku fans at gatherings in Japan is the “Hatsune Miku Shrine”, where fans will place their dolls, figures and plushies on a single display (as seen above). You see many original items, but also a number of fan creations and modifications, and it makes for fun photos for everyone attending.

Then of course there is the concert event itself, which now has a full upload on YouTube, courtesy of Ijirako. You can enjoy the video below! The full setlist is also available in the video description (in Japanese).


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