May 202012

The Vocaloid community has had its fair share of impressive 3DPVs over the years. I remember back to the days when Melody.exe held the crown for top animation work in 2007. And then things were taken to the next level in Nebula by Tripshots in 2009. And in the year of 2012… We get this. The lyrics and music was done by BANQO(rest or stay?), and the arrangement was done by kors k. Lastly, the movie was created by Aono.Y.

This musical piece, if I’m reading the description correctly, makes use of 5 different voices/Vocaloids. The list mentions GUMI, Miku, Miku Dark Append, Miku Soft Append, and VY1. I absolutely love Vocalectro (Vocaloid+Electro) music, so my opinion for the music may be somewhat biased. But the animation in this is just astounding. You can watch the original on nicovideo by clicking here, or you can watch the official YouTube version below. The involved artists have done an AMAZING job with this. Scott of has also written his own article, honoring this PV as a “6 star” quality production.

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