Nov 122014

Last night’s announcement live stream by Good Smile Company brought a lot of news announcements regarding various figures. A lot of these were overshadowed by Nendoroid Elsa from Frozen, who stole the spotlight of the entire stream. But we did catch some important announcements from the stream regarding a couple of the Hatsune Miku related figures.

First up is the Senbonzakura ver. Hatsune Miku Nendoroid, which was finally revealed fully painted. The preorder period has also been announced to begin sometime around mid-December, meaning we can likely see shipments before the end of Spring. Pricing and accessories were not announced, however.

The second major reveal was of the transforming car from Good Smile Racing’s GT Project, which has been officially named “Gear Tribe Hatsune Miku GT Project 2014 version”. Based on Good Smile Racing’s own BMW Z4, the model demonstrated was fully functional in terms of transforming abilities. The scaled sizes vary depending on the mode, with transformed/robot mode being rated at 1/6 scale, and the car form rated at 1/24 scale.

The price for the transforming model car will be set at 8,000 Yen ($70 USD), and will be available for preorder “sometime soon”. It will be available only from Good Smile Company’s online shop. Below are additional photos from the live stream, courtesy of figurenews2:

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