Sep 242012


Good Smile Company has just officially announced the release date for the GUMI nendoroid that we’ve been hearing (and seeing) so much about. The figure was teased at the 2012 Summer WonderFes in a molded form, but it had no paint. Now we finally have a glimpse of what it really looks like.

There’s no details on pre-order information yet, but here’s what’s been mentioned so far. The nendoroid is due to have a price of 3500 Yen ($45 USD) and will launch in January 2013. She comes with four different faces, her signature goggles, and even a flying carrot stand. You can view the official product page here.

EDIT: Interntional pre-orders for the nendoroid are now open on amiami for 2650 yen, or roughly $35 USD. You can find the listing here.

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