Sep 272012

Digging back to early August, you may remember my article regarding the sale of limited edition serialized Hatsune Miku Walkmans. And then a little later, I reported how all 11,817 units were sold in under 6 hours. It’s obvious that people were crazy to get their hands on these units. But it looks like we found someone who takes “crazy” up and beyond the normal meaning for Vocaloid fans.

The owner of the 3939th unit of the teal colored Walkman, with a serial number of 3939/3939, has recently auctioned off the device on Yahoo Japan. Some crazed fan must have REALLY wanted that Walkman, because the auction ended with a winning bid of 368,000 Yen, or roughly $4,736 USD. The device originally sold for 12,800 Yen, or $165 USD. This means the 3939th unit sold for over 28 times the original retail price. [SOURCE]

I’ve seen a few crazy spenders in the Vocaloid community over the years, but I’ve never seen someone spend so much on such a small device because of a unique serial number. The user who bought it must be extremely crazy, or extremely rich (but most likely both). Either way, the seller has certainly made a nice little profit from his venture.

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