Sep 032012


If you remember not too long ago, there was the announcement of a sale for a limited edition version of the Sony S series Walkmans. There was a total of 11,817 units available (3,939 black, 3,939 blue, and 3,939 blue with speakers). All 11,817 units sold out in under 6 hours.

Due to extremely popular demand, the black version of the Walkman is back, with the Hatsune Miku features and design in-tact. The downside? There’s no special engraved serial number for these models. The price is the same as the limited edition version, and set at 12,800 Yen ($164 USD) from the Sony Online Store. Unfortunately, they do not accept international orders, so you will need a friend in Japan to help with this one. Pre-orders end on September 10th at 1:00 PM Japan time, or when availability runs out.

Source: SGCafe.

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