Feb 282015

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Good Smile Racing has recently opened the the Figma Racing Miku 2015 personal sponsorship courses, and offers four sponsorship tiers for overseas sponsors. All four tiers will include the figma and a collectable rubber strap as a bonus, but additional benefits will be offered to those who pledge a higher tier sponsorship.

The first two sponsorship tiers are the 8,000 Yen and 12,000 Yen level sponsorship courses. Both courses will include a personal sponsors card, ticket holder, Racing Miku Figma, and a Vol.2 rubber strap. However, the 12,000 Yen course will also include a Good Smile Racing folding chair. Click an image below to select a course.

The last two sponsorship tiers are the 30,000 Yen and 50,000 Yen level sponsorship courses. The 30,000 Yen course will include the benefits of the two lower tiers, and will also include an original Good Smile Racing headphone, and a Team-Wear Pilot Shirt. The top tier 50,000 Yen course will include the benefits of the three lower tiers, and also includes a Team-Wear Long Pants and Windbreaker.

All Figma sponsorship courses will remain open until June 10th, 2015. The sponsors card and ticket holder will ship shortly after your order is placed, but the remaining sponsor benefits will be shipped in December 2015. Please note that this is NOT a preorder! Your sponsorship pledge will be paid the moment you place your order.

Let’s hope for another championship victory this year. Fight, GSR!

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