Jan 022013

Click to see full image on official site.

Good Smile Company decided to surprise everyone on New Year’s Day with a new image on their Good Smile Racing homepage. There you will see an all new design for the 2013 Racing Miku. But for now, you will only get a backside view as a teaser.

The new outfit seems to borrow some of the characteristics from the 2012 design, while also bringing back some elements from the 2011 design. There’s also some new accents to the design, such as the addition of the crown and a new skirt. If what I hear is correct, we likely wont see the rest of the design until March.

As with the past designs, we can likely expect to see production of figures, Nendoroids and Figmas. For now, we can only imagine how her front side will look. The concept design was done by Shimazaki Mari, who was also the main character designer of Bayonetta, a game published by SEGA.

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