Mar 212013

racing_2013_petiteGood Smile Racing has opened up preorders for the the Racing Miku 2013 Nendoroid along with various sponsorship packages for the 2013 racing season.

For the moment, only the basic and Nendoroid sponsorship courses have been made available, but you can likely expect to hear a Figma course announced soon as well. The current available sponsorship courses are “Basic” (¥3,000), “A” (¥10,000) and “B” (¥30,000).

The Basic course awards you your own unique personal sponsor card, as well as a lanyard and ticket holder. There is no figure included with this course, however.

The course A package includes the Racing Miku Nendoroid, a tote bag emblazoned with an illustration of the 2013 Racing Miku design, and a teal-colored Good Smile Racing cap. It also includes the items from the basic course.

The course B package costs quite a fair bit more, and will likely fancy those die-hard fans with a little extra cash to spare. The package includes all of the above items, as well as a 2013 Racing Miku wallet and a waist bag.

Updated 3/22/1013: Courses C and D have been added to the Good Smile Racing online shop. Course C costs ¥7,000, and includes all items available from Course A, minus the GSR cap. Course D costs ¥50,000 and includes all items found in Course B, with the addition of a Racing Miku Microfleece Tapestry and a replica Hatsune Miku BMW racing-suit jersey in sizes M (U.S. S), L (U.S. M), XL (U.S. L) and XXL (U.S. XL).

The packages are available for international orders directly from Good Smile Racing’s online shop. The basic course will be open until the end of the season, but the Nendoroid courses will only be open until May 7th JST. Nendoroid shipments are expected for October 2013.

And to help keep international visitors informed of GSR’s staff and event news, an English version of the main site has recently been opened. Now you can easily browse and read info on the GSR team and race schedules.

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