Mar 252013

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I simply could not get this one up fast enough. This is pretty big news since this event is being held in an online game by one of the largest Free to Play companies in the world. And to top it off, the event is being held on global servers.

From March 28th until April 23rd, players of Mabinogi will be able to purchase outfits based on several Cryptonloids, as well as win roulette bingo prizes. The events are detailed as such:

00Fhl-b465f946-8f53-40b4-807e-c829455bb639From March 28th to April 23rd, 2013, get the prefix title with your limited Character Card during the sale period.

From March 28th to April 9th, 2013, Females can get the costume and hair style of Hatsune Miku. Males can get the costume and hair style of Kaito.

From April 10th to April 23rd, 2013, Females can get the costume and hair style of Kagamine Rin. Males can get the costume and hair style of Kagamine Len.

bg-skip-middle-mikuFrom April 10th to April 23rd, 2013 visit Caravan Joe to start Roulette Bingo! You can get a Game Board by speaking with Caravan Joe. You get one Spin Token every 30 minutes, or by defeating monsters. Depending on where you land, you can get EXP, gold, or even special items! Be careful though! Not every space on the board is a pleasant one. Curious about what items you can win? Check out some of the goodies you can get:

Tear-Jerker Garden Enchant Scroll, Tear-Jerker Enchant Scroll, Refreshing Enchant, Smooth Enchant, Sweet Enchant, Garden Enchant Scroll, Hatsune Miku Shirt, Kagamine Len Shirt, Kagamine Rin Shirt, Kaito Shirt

It certainly looks like Mabinogi is about to get a decent upsurge in player traffic.

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