Aug 302012

It is now midnight in Japan on August 31st, which means it is now Miku’s 5th birthday. 5 years isn’t very long, but we’ve seen a lot happen within such a short time. What was expected to be just another typical vocal synthesis product, took the internet by storm. Miku has helped spark events leading to a future of consumer generated media, and created a massive web of creativity and collaboration that spans the entire globe. The reach of the Vocaloid movement now has no bounds, and continues to grow at an immeasurable pace.

From a boxed product, to a virtual idol, to a live performance diva, to a water stage princess… No one could have predicted any of this happening in just 5 years. I don’t know what expect to see happen in the next 5 years either.  All I know is… I’ll continue to be there to watch and cheer for you. Thank you very much for everything, and Happy Birthday!

Image via pixiv.


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