Aug 302012

The Natsu no Owari no 39 Matsuri water stage concert in Yokohama from the previous night was certainly an interesting one. According to the statistics, the servers broke 100,000 viewers. That’s a lot of people trying to see the concert at once!

The performance itself was only 35 minutes long, and the second half was the main event (the first half was just PVs from Project Diva f). If you somehow missed it or got kicked, and you’d like a summary of what happened, check the images in the full story! At the end, you’ll also find the newest video showcasing all the modules from PjD f. Enjoy!

The main event started after the streaming of Project Diva PVs ended. They started off with a short laser show, showcasing what the water screen system can do.


Even more lights. It certainly seems impressive…


The lights fade, and we’re greeted by a welcome message.


Suddenly… The star of the show starts to materialize.


The song to kick things off was Weekender Girl. Miku herself appeared to be standing 35~40 feet tall.


As Weekender Girl continues to play, the lighting system continues to show off what it can do.


The next song was ODDS&ENDS. The lights seemed to take a more… Emotional appearance for this piece, if that even makes sense.


When that song finished, Miku took a moment to speak to the audience, seeming to ask “shall I continue?”. The crowd cheered, of course.


The song that played next was Time Machine.


As soon as ths song ended, Miku suddenly says her goodbyes and leaves the stage…


Wait… That’s it? It can’t be over yet! The crowd starts chanting for her to return.


Obliging the request for an encore, Miku returns once again to sing “39”, the new song by Sasakure.UK and DECO*27.


With the last song finished, Miku finally takes her leave, while also leaving the crowd with a message. “Project Diva f will be launching tomorrow, I’ll see you then!”.


And sure enough, it’s the next day and PjD f launched after much hype. In the wake of the release, SEGA has released a video showcasing every module in the game.

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