Aug 222012

It looks like we’ve got yet another game to add to Miku’s growing library of portable apps, and this one comes as a Hatsune Miku remake of an older game titled “Music Girl“, released by W Rock Games. The new app was co-developed with SEGA and Marza Animation Planet Inc, the same company who did the animation work for the first two Project Diva Games. So we’ve got a nice product coming from several experienced companies.

The new app features Hatsune Miku of course, who idles in rooms while waiting for you to play music. Doing so earns communication points, at which Miku will start to ask some quiz questions. Answering correctly helps lift her mood and increase her affection towards the player. You also earn items from Miku as gifts as you do better.

The application is available for free, but only on the Japanese iTunes app store for now. But despite this, it can still be downloaded without a credit card. All you need is a Japanese iTunes account. With the success of Miku Flick, hopefully they’ll consider a translated international release. The game does have in-app purchase options for additional outfits for 350 JPY each, but only the Spring outfit is released so far. The Summer and Fall outfits are due to be released at a later date.

To view the app’s official site, click the banner above. To view the iTunes listing, just click here. Thank you to Salanos and Vocaloidism for the info.

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