Nov 192011

Ok, I’m late on reporting this. Sorry. But pre-orders are still available, so it’s not TOO bad… @_@


Those of you who are collectors of Miku figurines or fans of the music/illustration work by HanasoumenP (HSP) may want to look into getting this highly cute figurine. The model is based on original artwork by HSP himself. If you’re wondering why the style is familiar, it’s because he is also one of the artists for the anime “My little sister can’t be this cute”. You can find more of his illustrative work here.

The model shows her playing what appears to be a Yamaha(?) electric keyboard, which is plugged into a small green alien-blob looking amp. The only way this could be better is if Miku actually played music. :3

More details as well as pre-order information can be found here at amiami. If anyone else knows sources with good prices that also ship internationally, please let me know in the comments!

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