Jan 082015

You know Hatsune Miku’s presence worldwide is growing when her image is appearing on commercial vehicles. First there were Snow Miku trains in Thailand, then Snow Miku buses in Singapore. However these were all officially endorsed. It’s different when a fan decides to decorate their business vehicle just for fun.

A fan from Japan recently tweeted images of an itasha tow truck in Thailand, fully decorated in Hatsune Miku vinyls wraps. We can only see one side of the vehicle, but we see illustrations from at least five different illustrators, including iXima and Tony. I’m positive that any Hatsune Miku fan would be delighted to see this truck pull up to transport their car.

Photos via @Piro_Shiki on twitter. You can see more photos from the driver’s Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100007986159517

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