Nov 072014

Three different Magical Mirai 2014 blu-ray sets have been revealed today, with two different limited editions and a single regular edition. All sets will be included with full HD quality of the concert footage in Osaka, but limited edition will offer special bonuses. Both concerts in Osaka and Tokyo share the same setlist. You can check the setlist here.

All limited editions will include visual case illustrated by MONQ, official booklet, making footage, music clip collection (live original ver.), CM sport collection, and a mini 1/12 scale figure of Hatsune Miku Magical Mirai 2014 ver. as illustrated by artist MONQ(image below). An exclusive limited edition on Amazon Japan will offer a B2 fabric poster as an additional bonus. Lastly, the regular edition will also come with the official booklet. All sets are scheduled to release on March 11th next year.

CDJapan(limited edition)
Amazon Japan(limited edition)
AmiAmi(limited edition)

CDJapan(regular edition)
Amazon Japan(regular edition)
AmiAmi(regular edition)

Amazon Japan(limited edition with original B2 fabric poster)


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