Jun 092016


Sega has announced the Hatsune Miku collaboration model from Persona 4: Dancing All Night for release in Project DIVA X, Project DIVA Future Tone, and Project DIVA Arcade Future Tone. Each will has the module release at separate dates of their own.

The collaboration module will launch as DLC for Project DIVA X on June 23rd for PS Vita and on August 25th for PS4 in conjunction with the Project DIVA X HD’s release at a price of 300 yen.  The module will be included in the “Colorful Tone” pack, one of the two packs for Project DIVA Future Tone, which will release this month at the time of the game’s release via the Japanese PlayStation Network on June 23rd.

The module will also be available on Project DIVA Arcade Future Tone for 300 VP (Vocaloid Points).

Below are screenshots from Project DIVA X (PS Vita screenshots), Project DIVA Future Tone, and Project DIVA Arcade Future Tone, respectively.

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