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Happy Kuji’s bi-yearly lottery event is again underway in Japan for Spring 2016, with Hatsune Miku and fellow Cryptonloids taking the theme of the prize event. The event works by buying “lottery tickets” from any participating store, such as Family Mart and Animate shops. You will instantly win a prize from a random prize tier, with the higher ranked prizes being more rare. There are also prizes for buying the very last ticket from any store!

2016 Spring Kuji Event Page: http://www.h-kuji.com/goods/goods21.html

Ticket prices are around 800 Yen, and there’s roughly 100 prizes total per participating store. The event started February 27th (JST), and will continue until the prizes run out! If you can’t participate by buying tickets in Japan, these prizes often appear for resale on sites like Mandarake and Buyee. Here’s a list of available prizes:

A Prize: Hug Doll (Hatsune Miku)
B Prize: Hug Doll (Kagamine Rin)
C Prize: Hug Doll (Kagamine Len)
D Prize: Hug Doll (Megurine Luka)
E Prize: Room Decoration Stickers (7 possible Sets)
F Prize: Rubber Pass Case (10 Possible Designs)
G Prize: Relief Figure w/ Attached Stand (6 Possible Designs)
H Prize: Postcard Book (10 Possible Sets)
I Prize: Metal Charms (28 Possible Designs)
LAST Prize (Family Mart): Hug Doll Hatsune Miku Family Mart Ver.
LAST Prize (Other Stores): Hug Doll Hatsune Miku V3 Ver.

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