Apr 302015

Official release image by Digitrevx

It’s not often you see a Hatsune Miku model for MikuMikuDance that is so high quality, you’d think it was official. The 3D modeler Digtrevx from Deviantart has created an MMD model based on Racing Miku 2015 that impressively matches what we’ve seen from official illustrations and figures.

The first official demo video was uploaded only yesterday, and today the model is now available for free download. If you plan to use the model, please kindly read the creator’s terms of use. Thanks! You can enjoy the demo video below, featuring the song Decorator by kz.livetune.

Model download: http://digitrevx.deviantart.com/art/Princess-Knight-Racing-Miku-2015-MMD-530215264


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