Aug 212015

mian8_bannerIllustration by 依存

Speaking of August, it’s time for Hatsune Miku’s birthday! Crypton Future Media’s record label KarenT has launched today the special music collection, titled “Hatsune Miku 8th Anniversary”, featuring various music from 17 different producers; an uplifting music collection for your precious moment of celebration.

The albums are now available via KarenT on iTunes and Amazon MP3 (must search manually on Amazon). In addition to the songs, free wallpapers by the artist comet are given away for fans to enjoy.

There are so many glittering milestones on her way from then to now. Hope that her voice will carry people’s thoughts for someone special to them, and keep ringing throughout the world! Let’s celebrate Hatsune Miku’s 8th Anniversary.

– Message from “Hatsune Miku 8th Anniversary” via KarenT


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