May 082012


Sony Japan recently unveiled a new limited edition crystal white PS Vita that’s complete with with a custom Hatsune Miku themed skin. This beautiful piece of hardware is set to release on August 30th, just one day before Hatsune Miku’s 5th anniversary. The PS Vita sells as a bundle that will also include the new Project Diva game and a 4GB memory card. The price for the Wifi Only model is set for ¥34,980 ($428 USD), and the 3G+Wifi will sell for ¥39,980 ($500 USD).

The bundle is only available for pre-order within Japan. If a source is discovered for international pre-orders, I’ll be sure to update this post. You can check the website of the announcement by clicking the image, or simply by clicking here.

Pre-order sources have been discovered! The Wifi versions can be found here: Click here or here.

And now for a vid on the new color scheme and design:


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