May 142012

So yeah. The past few days have been pretty dry for reporting anything news-worthy, save for a few small things. Unless I’ve been missing something major. I’m pretty bored at the moment. One thing I like to do to pass the time is to play OSU!, which is a free rhythm game for the PC. If you’re familiar with Elite Beat Agents for the Nintendo DS, the gameplay is quite similar.

The game has thousands of user generated beatmaps, including Vocaloid. The majority of the community is interested in Anime and everything related, so this comes as no surprise. If you’re interested, you can register and download the game completely free from here:

Practice the included tutorial track, then use the search on their site for tracks related to Vocaloid or anything else you’re interested in. The game has both offline and online play modes. The game is also completely customizable with skins. If you ever want to find me, my username is jrharbort (

Here is one example video that shows what the gameplay is like. Keep in mind this is on a high difficulty track on the highest difficulty setting. Even I’m nowhere near this skilled.

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