Mar 062014

Some good news for overseas fans: Livestreaming will be available for the MATSURI DA DIVA event on March 9th. What is “MATSURI DA DIVA”? It was an event announced by SEGA to celebrate the launch of Project Diva F 2nd, before it was unfortunately delayed. Despite that setback, they have decided to continue with the event.

Livestream Link:
Ticket page:

As for the details, the event will feature the voice actors for all Crypton Vocaloids, as well as the 39’s band from the previous 39’s Giving Day concert events. They will perform live, followed by a mini concert event based somewhat on the popular Magical Mirai concert event from last summer. 6 songs are planned for this part of the event.

Viewing the livestream will require 1000 Nicovideo points, which costs 1,000 Yen (ticket page linked above). Points can be purchased using a credit card, but debit cards do not seem to work. The event can be enjoyed by viewers worldwide, and can also be watched again if you timeshift the event. The doors open starting at 17:30 JST (12:30 AM PST), and the event is scheduled to start at 18:00 JST (1:00 AM PST). Below is a clock of the current time in Japan. Enjoy the show!

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