Oct 302012

To help further expand MikuFan’s reationship with the community, I’m happy to announce two new partner sites: VocaDB and their sister site, Virtual Emotions.

VocaDB is a massive and highly useful database to assist you in finding detailed information on specific songs, albums, or even individual producers and record labels. For me, this website has proven to be an invaluable resource time and time again. The best part is that the database grows with the help of fans. Your knowledge and contributions are greatly appreciated!

The second site, Virtual Emotions, explains themselves rather well on their “About” page: Welcome to Virtual Emotions – the fruits of labor between three very different Vocaloid enthusiasts. This website is meant to be any true Vocaloid fan’s homepage – with news, reviews, announcements, art, and translations. This website is the sister-site to VocaDB, and a supporter of the Vocaloid Movement.

For those of you who just cant get enough Vocaloid related news and information, I hope that these sites and resources will prove quite useful to you. You can find them linked in the partner list to the right.

Image via pixiv. Full version available here.

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