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We recently gathered questions from the Vocaloid community to share with Rella, a well-known and highly popular Hatsune Miku illustrator in the Vocaloid community. Rella moved to Japan recently, which caused a delay, but she finally had the chance to answer our interview request. You asked the questions, here’s what Rella had to say!

MF: MikuFan
Rella: Rella

MF: “Hello, Rella, and thank you for joining us for an interview! There are many followers from overseas that are excited to connect with you and learn more about you and your work. We gathered some questions from fans around the world, we hope you look forward to it!”

MF: “When did you first start drawing, and what inspired you to draw?”

Rella: “I’ve been drawing digitally ever since the 2nd year in junior school when I got my first Graphic Tablet.
I started scribbling with pen and paper before elementary school. There wasn’t a certain reason, just drawing itself made me happy.”

MF: “Which of your Hatsune Miku artworks is your favorite, or which one are you most proud of?”

Rella: “This ten year anniversary contribution.
I cannot really say I’m 100% satisfied with this piece, but many people who saw the picture feel there’s a story in it, that’s what I tried to achieve through all those years.
To accomplish such a piece in the 10 years anniversary is a memorable moment for myself as well.”

Rella’s Hatsune Miku 10th Anniversary Illustration

MF: “What’s your favorite Hatsune Miku song? If hard to choose, what song have you enjoyed most recently?”

Rella: “It’s really hard to choose. My favorite song of 2017 is “ストラテリウム”.”

MF: “What does Vocaloid mean to you and how has it influenced your art? Also, do you plan to release another Vocaloid art book?”

Rella: “The thing that influenced me the most is the idea of 曲繪(painting for the song). It makes me start to consider how to include more melody and emotion in the non-animated art form like a painting.
I am working on a new book. Hopefully it can release sometime next year.”

MF: “What is the most challenging aspect in creating art featuring Hatsune Miku? How do you go about choosing what poses, colors, and backgrounds to draw? Moreover, do you have the finished art in mind right from the start?”

Rella: “For me, I always think its hard enough to make people feel “aha, that’s MIKU”.
It’s not good to say this, but maybe loving someone too much will make you become critical. Sometimes people say, “as much as there’s the green twin-tail, that’s miku”. But it was just a character with green twin-tail on the picture, it’s not her. It might be the expression on the face, might be the temperament, I cannot even tell, that’s what make it so hard. I want the girl on my painting to not be mistaken as anyone else, but only Miku.
The pose, color, and background are for express the emotion. Pose has the most affect. On the sketch, I usually do a few versions with slightly different poses and choose the most satisfied one to complete the piece.
Yes, most of the time, if I didn’t get the “aha, that’s it” feeling image in mind, I won’t even start.”

MF: “Is there any plan for you to somehow record a video of your process of drawing, beginning to end, for any past or future art pieces? I would love to see your magic!”

Rella: “Years ago I did record a few, there was one recently. If you don’t mind, I’ll put the link here so you can see.
But I always feel nervous when recording, and recording software slows down my computer and affects the drawing, so I don’t really do it very often.”

Link if video above doesn’t play: http://www.bilibili.com/video/av11374559/

MF: “How you view your own artistic talent, specifically, have you ever considered making anime, visual novel, or manga?”

Rella: “I know I’m definitely not the “no talent at all” type, but still, I’m just a regular person who really enjoys drawing, that type of feeling.
Yes, I do want to try all of that, but really don’t have time. I really wish there was 48 hours in a day.”

MF: “Do you have a favorite snack food while drawing? If so, what is it?”

Rella: “I don’t. Or I should say, I cannot. Left hand on the keyboard, right hand holding the pen, I really cannot eat.”

MF: “Do you have any tips or advice for aspiring illustrators and artists?”

Rella: “If you really love it, keep doing it, it will definitely have a good result.
But you must “really” love it, because the piece(result art) will never lie.”

MF: “Do you have any special message for your fans overseas?”

Rella: “Thank you so much for your supporting. To be honest, I never thought my work could go so far and reach so many people.
I will keep working and hope you will like my works in the future.”

MF: “Thank you very much for taking the time to answer our questions! (。>▽<。)ノ”

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