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I have to admit, I love electronic Vocaloid music (now called Vocaloid EDM), and always have since I first discovered Vocaloid music many years back. I’ve watched the music style rise and fall in popularity several times, and even evolve over time to keep up with modern music trends. Everything from Technopop, Trance, Drum and Bass, Electro-House, Dubstep, Progressive, you name it, I enjoy it all!

There has been a resurgance of the music within just the past couple years, which of course has resulted in a number of fantastic albums. Whether its for personal listening or mixing at a club, these recommendations should be perfect for those seeking only the highest quality Vocaloid EDM! Here’s six recent album releases that are available worldwide!

Hope Sound

By Tilt-Six

Hope Sound

Tilt-Six is a Technopop and DnB style producer that appeared in early 2013, and had instant success with his first song “Electro Saturator“. He even later went on to be featured in an official commercial to promote Sony’s Hatsune Miku Xperia phone (More on that in our interview)!

He recently launched his second solo album titled Hope Sound, which features 14 tracks including remixes by Camelia and PandaBoy! It’s available worldwide through Amazon Japan (just switch the site’s interface to English).

> Get Hope Sound on Amazon Japan!

Entrance Dream Music2

From Exit Tunes


The successor to the previous Entrance Dream Music album, the newly announced EDM2 from Exit Tunes continues the tradition of showcasing some of the greatest electronic Vocaloid music seen throughout the year. There are 17 tracks in total from 17 different producers, covering a wide array of styles suitable to just about any taste. I’m sure you wont be disappointed!

The album is currently up for preorder and is scheduled to ship on December 16th (just in time for the holiday parties!). Preorders also come with EDM2 themed stickers and an A2 sized poster. The first album in the series is also still available.

> Get Entrance Dream Music2 on CDJapan!
> Get the original Entrance Dream Music!

3 O’Clock!

By Osanzi

Osanzi is a producer well adept with electro-house, progressive and hardcore music styles. After first appearing over a year ago, he finally put out his first solo album titled 3 O’Clock (a reference to his producer name, which means “three-o’clock snack”).

Packing 11 tracks for well under 1,000 Yen, this album ships worldwide from Alice-Books (just switch the site language to English)!

> Get 3 O’Clock on Alice-Books!

Synergy-Style Vol.5

From Sakura Recordz!

The Synergy-Style albums are yet another compilation series bringing together various producers to showcase some of the best Vocaloid club music. While not always featuring many of the big name producers, many of the songs are quite worthy of recognition, and well worth adding to your collection.

Synergy-Style Vol.5 continues the tradition of overseas availability, and can be found through two sources: 3-Get and Alice-Books! Just switch the site languages to English.

> Get Synergy-Style Vol.5 on 3-Get!
> Get Synergy-Style Vol.5 on Alice-Books!

Pass The Meteor

By 23.exe

23.exe enjoys creating songs in Electrpop and DnB styles, often with catchy beats and emotional themes. Originally released at APOLLO2, his latest album “Pass The Meteor” is now available in digital format!

The album features 9 tracks, including some instrumentals and remixes by FOS+ and H12. This album is currently unavailable for sale, but will be available again on BOOTH (a free Pixiv account is needed) starting December 24th, JST! Please watch closely for its release.

> Get Pass The Meteor on BOOTH starting December 24th, 2015!!

Reverberations 2

By Clean Tears

Clean Tears is one of the longest standing electronic-style Vocaloid producers (he’s been around since 2007!), and still does what he does best: Trance and Electropop! His style has changed quite a bit over the years, and he continues to be a shining example for other producers to follow.

His latest album Reverberations 2 is available both physically and digitally, so take your pick!

> Get Reverberations 2 on Alice-Books!
> Get Reverberations 2 on KarenT!

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